Storage Facility Projects

Why Great Architecture is Necessary for a Successful Self Storage Facility

There are a lot of storage facilities that customers can choose from when they need to keep something safe, but what they end up choosing is not necessarily determined by price. While the cost of the unit is certainly a factor, so is the size of the facility, the types of units that are offered and other amenities that the facility has for customers. In order to have a successful storage facility, it's important to make sure there are three key areas covered. By considering these, customers will have more of what they need and less of what they don't need. 

1. Designs of Units

Not all customers need storage units that are one simple size. While most facilities have regular square units that range from small to large, they seldom have different designs of units that differ from the typical box shape. This is why taking advantage of unique architecture is so important for storage facilities that want to get a longer list of clients. By having units that are taller, longer and wider, they will be able to attract more customers who are looking to store odd-shaped items that won't fit into the normal box shapes. 

2. Size of Facility

What happens when customers want to store something like a boat? Or what if they want to store an RV that they don't plan on using until the summer? Most storage businesses, will turn them away, as they don't have the covered space to offer them. BUT, there are more and more facilities, that are starting to build covered areas that accommodate these types of items. Although this will mean new construction and renovations to the existing building, it's an investment that can definitely pay off. After all, if just a small number of customers store their cars or other types of vehicles in the units for half of the year, a lot of money will be coming into the business. And, customers who see that these unique offerings are available are going to be more likely to go to the facility just because of that!

3. Amenities

People like amenities, which is why so many hotels have a long lists of those that they offer. Besides having a lot of different sizes of units, a successful storage unit has to have a lot of different amenities that appeal to everyone. This should first include good security because nobody wants to store their belongings in a place that is not safe. A good camera system, working gates and 24/7 staff are all very important and can ease the mind of those who are renting the units. In addition to this, 24/7 access is another important offering, as nobody wants to wait until regular business hours to get things that are rightfully theirs. 

By considering these three areas, self storage owners may be able to attract a lot more clients and make more money than ever. While renovations and construction may be ultimately necessary, this should be looked at as an investment that will pay for itself many times over. There is a lot of competition out there, so it's important to set apart from all of the others!
Devon Self Storage, Virginia
  • Devon Self Storage
  • Completion: Under Current Design
  • ExtraSpace Edison NJ
  • Extra Space Storage
  • Completion: Completed 2016

  • Devon Self Storage Various Locations
  • Devon Self Storage: Various buildings throughout the United States
  • Devon Self Storage purchases existing buildings in order to convert them into climate-controlled self storage units of various sizes for lease. All buildings are equipped for handicap accessibility, many are a drive-through facility. Remus Architecture is under contract with Devon Self Storage to evaluate prospective building purchases, expedite state and local submissions, develop the contracted design, and oversee construction.
  • Project: Renovations to existing buildings
  • Owner: Devon Self Storage
  • Completion: 2002 - Present

  • Devon Self Storage Staten Island, New York
  • Devon Self Storage: Staten Island, New York, New York
  • Adaptive re-use of an old Bethlehem Steel building with a new four story addition.
  • Project: Renovations and addition to existing building located on a pier overlooking Manhattan.
  • Owner: Devon Self Storage
  • Completion: Completed 2009

  • Metro Self Storage Springfield, New Jersey
  • Metro Self Storage: Springfield, New Jersey
  • Adaptive re-use of an existing building with new second story addtion, office, and climate controlled units.
  • Project: Self Storage Building
  • Owner: Metro Self Storage
  • Completion: Completed 2016
  • ExtraSpace Storage, Westwood NJ
  • Maxim Self Storage: Westwood, New Jersey
  • New 150,000 s.f. climate controlled two story facility with drive through aisle.
  • Project: New Self Storage Facility
  • Owner: Maxim Realty Trust
  • Completion: Completed 2016

  • West Allis, Wisconsin

  • WI Self Storage: West Allis, Wisconsin
  • Alterations to existing building to provide climate controlled drive through storage facility with mezzanine and office spaces.
  • Project: Self Storage Building
  • Owner: O’Malley Development, LLC 
    States Self Storage Management Co.
  • Completion: Completed 2015

  • ExtraSpace Storage, Newark, New Jersey
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  • Self Storage Facility: Newark, New Jersey
  • New five story 150,000 s.f. construction with climate controlled units. One of a number of facilities being upgraded with a new exterior facade and office design
  • Project: Self Storage Facility
  • Owner: Highland Development Ventures, L.L.C.
  • Completion: Completed 2016

  • Pleasant Street Self Storage Noblesville, Indiana
  • New Construction: Noblesville, Indiana
  • Project: Office and exterior self storage buildings
  • Completion: Completed 2014

  • ExtraSpace Storage, New York, New York
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  • Self Storage Facility: New York, New York
  • Renovations of an existing 3 story self storage building to a storage facility including new roof replacement with offices
  • Project: Self Storage Facility
  • Owner: Extra Space Self Storage
  • Completion: Competed 2016
  • Notice during video the roof being raised for new mezzanine.